Creating Context: Introductions

1. According to the essay, laughter offers numerous health benefits. What do you think those health benefits might be?
2. Do you agree with Aristotle that of all living creatures, only humans laugh? Why or why not?

1. After reading each comment, which do you agree with? Disagree? Why?
2. Has the humor of any of these comedians or comedy teams gone out of style? Explain your answer.
3. What comedian or comedy team would you add to this photo essay? Offer a comment from that person's perspective that might be included in a "bubble" beside the picture.

1. What does the author say is the best way to approach a girl for a date?
2. What is humorous about the author's advice to Eric Knott: "The key to successful dating is self-confidence"?
3. Do you think teenage social life has change much since the 1960s when Dave Barry had his date with Judy?
4. Imagine that Barry wrote an account of his date with Judy at the time it happened. How might it differ from this account?

Extra Point or Make-up Point Opportunity

1. Why does Albert believe that he is going to live with the narrator's family permanently?
2. What coincidence does Aunt Rhonda bring into the plot?
3. What good thing has come out of a seemingly difficult situation for Albert and his parents?
4. How does the narrator's perspective contribute to the humor in the story?
5. Early in the story, wha did you expect to be the comic outcome of Lous and Albert collecting worms?