Pancakes: Short Story by Joan Bauer
Her books include Squashed, Thwonk, Sticks, Rules of the Road, Backwater, Hope was Here, Stand Tall, Best Foot Forward, Peeled, and Close to Famous.

1. Why do you think Jill's mother left her a newspaper article entitled "Are You a Perfectionist?"
2, Why did Jill become a perfectionist?
3. How and why does Jill's attitude toward control change?
4, What do readers learn about Jill, besides that she is a perfectionist?

Make-up Point: Read story and answer questions.

1. What kind of person was Shotgun Cheatham?
2. What story does Grandma Dowdel tell the reporter about Shotgun Cheatham's name?
3. What does the use of a first-person narrator add to the story?
4. Explain the last sentence of the story: "It was a story that grew in the telling in one of those towns where there's always time to ponder all the different kinds of truth."