Discussing the story:
1. Why is Tonya not satisfied with her life in the valley?
2. What does the veil Lindri sells Riv reveal about her?
3. Why don't the townspeople believe Lindri when she says it's foolish to sacrifice a girl to the dragon?
4. Comment on whether you found anything unexpected in this story.
5. Why do you think Tonya chooses to learn Lindri's "plain magic" instead of becoming a wizard?

1. What is the business of the Bureau d'Echange de Maux?
2. What do you think the narrator means when he says, "a man's own evil...so unbalances all men's minds that they always seek for extremes...Almost always seek for extremes....Almost always it seemed they did business in opposite evils"?
3. Why does the narrator choose to exchange his fear of seasickness for another evil?
4. Why do you think no customer ever comes back to the shop?

1. Why is the Jersey Devil upset?
2. Summarize how the girl gradually wins over the Jersey Devil.
3. Why is the girl in the barrens?
4. Who do you think is the real monster in the story - the Jersey Devil or the people who abused the girl?
5. Describe how you think the Black Angel will make things difficult for those who abuse children?