Welcome to Poetry (American Lit. & World Lit.)
In this six week class, we will:
  • become familiar with American and World poets
  • analyze, interpret, and discuss poetry with the SOAPStone method.
  • effectively paraphrase poetry to increase understanding.
  • create, write, and perform original poetry.
  • evaluate how literary components (tone, symbolism, irony, metaphor, hyperbole, etc) impact meaning.
Throughout the course, we will remember our big ideas: What is poetry and how do we study it?

Makeup work if you missed a day (remember, you may only make up to three points/class!)
For one makeup point, you must read THREE poems of your choice (see link to makeup poems on left). For EACH poem, write a SOAPStone analysis of poem, a paraphrased paragraph of the poem, AND a detailed paragraph about what the poem means to you.