Makeup work if you missed a day (remember, you may only make up to three points/class!)
For one makeup point, you must read THREE poems of your choice from the list below. For EACH poem, write a SOAPStone analysis of poem, a paraphrased paragraph of the poem, AND a detailed paragraph about what the poem means to you.

S.O.A.P.S. Tone Document Analysis

The SOAPS Tone Document Analysis allows students to trace an examination of a document

using the seven components listed. Remember, all components of this approach MUST be supported from the

text and MUST be backed up by the words from the text.


Who is the speaker who produced this piece? What is the their background and why are they

making the points they are making? Is there a bias in what was written? You must be able to cite

evidence from the text that supports your answer. You must “prove” your answer based on the text.


What is the Occasion? In other words, the time and place of the piece. What promoted the author

to write this piece? How do you know from the text? What event led to its publication or

development? It is particularly important that students understand the context that encouraged

the writing to happen.


Who is the Audience? This refers to the group of readers to whom this piece is directed. The

audience may be one person, a small group or a large group; it may be a certain person or a

certain people. What assumptions can you make about the audience? Is it mixed racial/sex

group? What social class? What political party? Who was the document created for and how do

you know? Are there any words or phrases that are unusual or different? Does the speaker use

language the specific for a unique audience? Does the speaker evoke God? Nation? Liberty?

History? Hell? How do you know? Why is the speaker using this type of language?


What is the purpose? Meaning, the reason behind the text. In what ways does he convey this

message? How would you perceive the speaker giving this speech? What is the document

saying? What is the emotional state of the speaker? How is the speaker trying to spark a reaction

in the audience? What words or phrases show the speaker’s tone? How is the document supposed

to make you feel? This helps you examine the argument or it's logic.


What is the subject of the document? The general topic, content, and ideas contained in the text.

How do you know this? How has the subject been selected and presented? And presented by the



What is the attitude of the speaker based on the text? What is the attitude a writer takes towards

this subject or character: is it serious, humorous, sarcastic, ironic, satirical, tongue-in-cheek,

solemn, objective. How do you know? Where in the text does it support your answer?

Poetry Choices