1. Regarding body image, what differences does this article cite between male and female athletes?
2. What signs did Henrich exhibit that may have indicated that she was susceptible to an eating disorder?
3. What impression does the article create of gymnastic trainer Al Fong?
4. Merrell Noden describes anorexics as "trapped...behind bars they can't see." Do you think this is an accurate description? Explain your reply.

1. Why does Robinson begin the story with an episode that took place in 1910?
2. What was the "coverup" Branch Rickey used to recruit black players for major league baseball?
3. Why was Rickey concerned that the "emotional enthusiasm" of African American fans might "harm the experiment" of bringing Robinson into the major leagues?
4. How did Robinson 's feelings toward the Branch Rickey change during their interview?

1. Why was the Lewisville High Basketball team in trouble?
2. Why did the team, as well as other characters in the story, assume that Granny Ed knew nothing about coaching basketball?
3. What can you infer about human nature from Granny Ed's success with the Raiders?
4. Why do you think Granny Ed's leadership abilities were never apparent before?

1. What difference of opinion do Bill and Bella have about their upcoming wedding?
2. How does Bella get Bill to go along with her plans?
3. Who writes the letter of disapproval signed "Outraged Womanhood," and why?
4. Do you think Bella is being selfish by insisting on an elaborate, noisy brawl instead of a nice, quiet wedding as Bill wants?