Discuss the essay:
  • Do you agree with the statement in the article that our fantasies are a way to escape from the limits reality places on us?
  • Is reading fantasy literature the only way to keep our sense of fantasy alive?
  • Do you think that there is a danger of living too much in a fantasy world?

Respond to the following questions in your journal, independently please.
  1. Why does Ah-Cheu choose "Middle Woman" as a nickname?
  2. The dragon says, "It is more amusing to watch human beings destroy themselves than to overpower them quickly." What does he mean?
  3. How does Middle Woman escape the dragon's trick?
  4. Choose three words to describe Middle Woman. Give an example that shows why you chose each word.

Read the essay by Issac Asimov.
Discuss the following questions:
  1. How does Asimov distinguish between fantasy and realistic fiction?
  2. What connections does Asimov see between wish fulfillment and fantasy?
  3. Asimov describes several different types of fantasy. Which type is most appealing to you?
  4. Some people dislike fantasy because they believe it is not true. What do you think Asimov would say to them?

After reading the poem by Ruth Trowbridge, respond to the following questions:
1. According to the speaker, what happens after Prince Charming marries the princess?
2. Why does the speaker criticize the prince?
3. Why does the speaker think the princess doesn't get much of a reward?
4. What do you think the title of this poem means?